City of Delft

In 1246, Delft received its city franchise from the Dutch Earl Willem II.┬áIts tradition is rooted in the House of Orange and fine blue delftware. The core values of Delft besides history are technology, creativity and innovation. Delft stands for the talent of making new finds by way of analysis, intelligence and experiment. Delft’s rich history teaches us that a feeling for technology and creativity has traditionally been delivering new answers. Delft is a liberal, pioneering and inventive city. It is the combination of the four core values named above that plays a major role in establishing future opportunities for the city.   FieldLab Delft The purpose in the ProFit-project is to create an innovative playground for children, adults, disabled people. Used by different kinds of organizations: schools, sports, welfare, nursing. The FieldLab has to provide the users with a challenging playground. A place where they like to come more often, where they can meet each other. An existing playground, in a natural environment, must be therefore radically transferred. ProFit will change it in a wonderful example for Delft, the Netherlands and hopefully for Europe.