City of Eindhoven

On the sports grounds at Eindhoven North, a FieldLab has been realized to induce innovation in sports for the purpose of increasing sports participation in the Netherlands.   FieldLab Eindhoven The FieldLab is a practical real life test facility in which new products and services can be developed, tested and implemented into the field of sports and a commercial sports market.The lab consists of a playground with interactive play equipment and fields of artificial turf. It appears to be more of a playground than a true test setting, which is in fact the unique power of the FieldLab. Lots of activities, like school sports, children’s parties, corporate day’s out and so on, are organized in the FieldLab. This provides access to many interesting groups that are willing to participate in the development of new sports products.   The current playground was built three years ago in a cooperative structure between public and private parties. The City of Eindhoven worked closely with commercial companies which placed their newest equipment on the grounds.   To hold on to the innovative character of the FieldLab, new products and play environments are constantly created and placed on the grounds. This again will be done in the same cooperative manner as described above.   Partners The FieldLab is founded by the City of Eindhoven and InnoSportNL and collaborates with many interesting partners, like technical and applied universities, institutes of sports medicine, the Dutch Olympic Committee, the Dutch institute for sports and movement and many SME’s from the Brainport region. Therefore the FieldLab can rely on a broad network of parties in the field of sports, knowledge, government and business. The innovative projects at the FieldLab will often result in new businesses or new business lines for existing companies.