Delft university of technology

Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands, the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) is one of the oldest and largest in the world. The faculty is leading in the field of design research, with more than 100 researchers. Central to the work are the user’s needs and wishes, how to determine what they are, and how to use this knowledge in designing products that cater better to these needs and wishes.   Collaboration: University and city council TU Delft is collaborating with the City Council of Delft on the implementation of the council’s policy for stimulation of physical activity, play and sports for Delft citizens. Part of their ambition in this is to renew their facilities for (outdoor) play and sports by means of the development and implementation of innovative, interactive play, sports and fitness facilities for the specific needs of the people of Delft. The aim is to stimulate the youth and adults to engage in physical activity, thereby living a healthier life.   Research and development In the ProFit project TU Delft Faculty IDE is researching and developing new tools and methodologies to involve users in identifying their specific needs and desires and conceptualising new solutions, ranging from techniques simply for gathering user information and preferences to techniques whereby users are actually involved in the design process. For more sports related research at Delft University of Technology, take a look at: