There is no single blueprint for a FieldLab. Existing examples in Eindhoven, Delft, Kortrijk and Sheffield show a variety of possibilities and options. None of them started from scratch, in most cases it was a matter of transformation or growing step by step. Expertise and advice for the process of setting up a FieldLab is available by means of a manual or through direct contact with the ProFit project organisation.  

Student participation

Student participation is an excellent tool to set up projects within the framework of a FieldLab. Students have a fresh look towards sports, games and exercise and can come up with whole new ideas. On the other hand a FieldLab project gives students a chance to work on a real life case.  

Competitions and challenges

Competitions and challenges – both for students and for businesses – are commonly used these days to draw attention, to mobilise energy, to create ideas and to get people engaging in physical activity. Competitions and challenges and also awards and prizes can be used to put the spotlight on sports innovations and gather best practices. To win such a prize can be a next step for a project. For example in The Netherlands the National Sports Innovation Prize (NSIP) has been handed out annually since 2008.

Expert meeting

Besides a congress, seminar or workshop an expert meeting on a specific theme, with participants from sports, business and knowledge, health and government institutions can be helpful in creating projects within an innovation agenda for a FieldLab.