Sports and Technology

Sports-and-technology-170Building bridges and creating golden triangles! Sports and Technology is a non profit organisation, founded in 2005 in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) in close co-operation with the Dutch research organisation TNO.

Golden triangles

As an intermediate organisation, Sports and Technology builds bridges between the worlds of sports, knowledge and business, with the aim to create ‘golden triangles’. Not only for better results in (top)sports and to stimulate people to play, to exercise or to play sports, but also to generate business. Sports and Technology also was one of the the founding fathers of the annual Dutch national congress ‘Sports, Science and Technology’ and the National Sports Innovation Award.



A true innovation in itself was the idea of creating FieldLabs: research and development locations in a real-life sports setting where new ideas, concepts, technologies and products can be tested. The Dutch national organisation InnoSportNL – set up in 2006 by TNO and the national sports federation NOC*NSF – has adapted this concept and by now has installed such FieldLabs for swimming, speed skating, sailing and gymnastics.


Especially for recreational sports such a FieldLab has been established in Eindhoven in 2009. This initiative has recieved a lot of international attention, which has triggered Sports and Technology to set up the EU-project ProFit.